Purpose of Mentoring Program

Beproud Mentoring program

"What an elder sees while sitting down, a child can never see even if he/she climbs an iroko tree"

- African proverb -

Mentoring for Students

Advice about the studies

The aim is to give students the opportunity to get an advisor who will help them through the academic year. This type of mentoring can be done through mails, phone calls, video conference or actual meetings with the mentors.

Mentoring for students soon-to-be graduated

Advice about the job market

The mentors will help students soon-to-be gratuated to make the best choices regarding their career. Their experience and expertise will help students to get an overwiew of job opportunities on the market. This type of mentoring can be done through meeting where the mentor will deliver the advice about a given field to several students at the same time. The structure of this mentoring will enhance the sharing of information among students and professionals.