Beproud Identity


The mission of the association is to help students with a multicultural background to find an opportunity on the job market through seminars, sponsoring, professional speed dating and collaboration with other organisations involved on the job market. The vision of the association is to build a bridge between students with a multicultural background and professionals in a way that helps each and every student to find an opportunity nationally or internationally in relation with their academic background.


We promote the fact that one’s multicultural background is an asset on the job market. Thus, it should be promoted when trying to find a job opportunity. Given that we grew up or/and were born in Europe, we tend to minimise the value of our multicultural background. Nevertheless, this aspect is what makes every soon-to-be-graduate special on the job market. Therefore, we would like to promote the self marketing of students with a multicultural background through our seminars. Moreover, we would like to increase the collaboration with our elders on the job market in a hope of developing an environment of mutual trust which will lead to advice sharing and other forms of support. Thus, the culture of our organisation is based on information sharing regarding the job market, in order to be aware of available opportunities and to develop them through cooperation among members of the association.


There are already a lot of professional organisations and student organisations on campuses. Nevertheless, there is a lack of synergy between the students and professionals. Beproud will therefore provide a platform where these two actors will meet and work towards long term collaboration. In accordance with the culture and value of our organisation, we will act both as a platform between students and professionals and between other organisations which advocate for a better recognition of the value of multiculturalism.