Mentoring Program

Why a mentoring program?

We believe that a meeting with one person can completely change a student life and his/her academic journey. Moreover, several studies have stated that a mentor can ease the introduction in a company. We felt that there was a need to set a structure where both parties could share academic experience. It could allow the student to succeed and to avoid some evitable mistakes.
We put forward two kinds of mentoring:

Depending on the agenda of the professional who wants to help us, one or both mentoring program could be chosen.

  1. Mentoring during the academic journey
  2. Mentoring at the end of the studies

1. Mentoring during the academic journey

This type of mentoring aims at bringing students and professionals together in order to share academic experience. For instance a student could send an email to a professional who followed the same studies, regarding the choice between several minors. Therefore, the professional might give valuable advice that could definitely positively impact the future of the student. We start from the premise that a professional with multicultural background is in better position to advice a student with multicultural background since in general they face the same issues. Thus, the sharing of advice can be done through several communication channels (emails, Skype etc.) according to the tool that suits the best the professional and the student.

2. Mentoring at the end of the academic journey

A mentor for a student soon-to-be graduated is crucial. Given that the professional has more insights about the opportunities on the job market, his/her advice will boost the career of the student. In order to optimize the transfer of information, this type of mentoring program will be performed in group sessions of ten students. The idea behind is that the advice about the job market will benefit to several students at the same time. Moreover, these students soon-to-be graduated might share information that could benefit to the rest of the group. For instance this information could be related to the recruitment process or the structure of the CV. Our aim is to build a platform in order to make information available about national or international opportunities.