Professional Speed Dating

The purpose of Professional Speed Dating (PSD)

Beproud association aims at helping young people with the multicultural background with the hope to ease their access on the job market. Moreover, given the statement of the job market and the difficulties to get a job, it is important to develop an alternative to the mentoring program. Thus, during a professional speed dating these young people could share initiatives that might lead to actual new projects. Thus, in addition to the sharing of information the PSD could contribute to the emergence of new initiatives.



Our mission with PSD events

For instance a young entrepreneur looking for launching en e-business might be willing to find competent and affordable young people willing to take part in its entrepreneurial journey. Therefore during a PSD, he might meet two young people just gratuated from law and webdesign schools. From the association point of view, we meet our mission in this case which lies in our willingness to make information available regarding the job opportunities. The opportunities are not exclusive to big companies but can take spring in entrepreneurial activities and small companies.