The purpose of seminars 

Having a diploma is a good starting point but it is not enough. You have to be able to brand it and brand yourselves. In order to brand yourself you have to be confident. Therefore, being able to find an opportunity when you graduate does not exclusively depend on the level of your diploma. Beproud association believes that in order to help young students with a multicultural background, they have in first place to believe in themselves and in their potential. Even with a high degree young students tend to apply for positions that do not reflect the quality of their diploma. Thus, the association wants to organise sessions related to self-marketing. Moreover, the self-esteem is key to the recognition of its value in the society and thus, to a company. From the moment the student with a multicultural background recognises its value and that he/she is able to put it forward, it will impact the way he/she brands him/herself during the recruitment processes. Thus, during the seminars we will have coachers that will give tips to the participants regarding for instance the self-marketing, how to highlight its kills and put forward its competences during the recruitment process.

How to stay up to date?

Our mission is the give all the essential tools to the young people with a multicultural background in order the ease their access to the job market. Our mission is translated in our strategy in terms of working on the self-branding that will allow the student to put forward his/her and the diploma value. In addition, build a network that could advise these young people regarding the job opportunities. With these elements mentioned above, we hope to contribute to their self-fulfilment of these young people. Thus, contribute on our way to the well-being of the society which we grow up in.